1. Surface Finishing (Pre-Plating Process)
  2. Nickel & Chrome Electroplating
  3. Sheet Metal Press Work
  4. Pipe Bending
  5. Sheet Rolling
  6. Machining within tolerance 5 micron meters
  7. Dies, Jigs & fixtures manufacturing
  8. Argon, CO2, brazing (brass and copper), arc and other various kinds of welding
  9. Computer Added Design, Manufacturing and Programming
  10. Deep Draw Processes for more than 8” from CRC Sheet
  11. Short Blast Treatment of Surfaces
  12. Zinc Electroplating
  13. Surface Grinding
  14. Any custom ordered items as per above competencies


We have been manufacturing parts for customers like Atlas Honda LTD since 2005. MMC has the advantages of an excellent climate with no shutdowns, good transportation, and most importantly, a quality oriented and productive labor force.


MMC is committed to maintaining a state-of-the-art, world-class production facility that provides customers with the quality and service they expect and deserve. By continuing to invest in the latest equipment, MMC further exemplifies its commitment to quality, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing. Our dedicated staff and modern facility will enable us to remain industry leaders for years to come.

All the Departments submit their recommendations regarding product design and process to R&D department. The R&D team consists of a healthy mixture of engineers trained in 3D CAD Modeling.


  1. As the quality control is use of techniques and activities to achieve, sustain and improve the quality of product or service. It involves in integrating the following related techniques and activities:
    • Specifications of what is needed
    • Design of the product or services to meet the specifications
    • Production or Installation to meet the full intent of the specifications
    • Inspection to determine the conformances to specifications
    • Review of Usage to provide the information the revision of specifications is needed



Company directly employs more than 120 people as Managers, Engineers, Technicians and Workers for starting manufacturing and plan to hire more than 200 employees for Production, Process, Quality, Management, Accounts and Administration.


Company also has a progressive team of highly educated and competent directors who lead the management of the company.